Your First Fall

Dear Son,

It’s been weeks since I’ve written you here. How you’ve grown these last couple of months. You’re teething. You’re going through mental leaps and developments. The world is opening up to you. You’re crawling all over our condo. You try to eat Jessica’s food from her bowl. When you wake in the middle of the night, or in the morning, you sit up in your crib, waiting for me or mommy to come pick you up. You and me have a game, just a few days old now, where I look everywhere around you, above and below and either side of your gaze, saying, “Where is he? Where’s Harrison?” and you giggle expectantly, waiting for me to find you, and when I do, I squeal with excitement, and you giggle even louder.

The nights are a little rough right now. There are a couple of hours in the middle of many nights, you just want to be up and social. We try and eventually get you back to sleep. Some nights, I’m tempted to bring you out in the living room and play and let you crawl around and explore.

You love daycare. You love solid food, and are less and less patient with baby cereal every day. You’re wearing size 12 and 18 month clothes, and you’re just nine months.

You’re growing. We can’t wait to see who you become, but we love who you are now.

We love you, kid.

– Dad

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