Ep. 4 – Your Daughter’s First Dance



I have a wide-ranging conversation with John, one of my oldest childhood friends. John has two daughters – one in middle school and one just entering high school. He shares stories about starting a family in his early-20s, and what it was like chaperoning the dance where his oldest daughter had her first dance with her first boyfriend. We talk about what we’ve learned from our parents, and how we try to be better parents for our kids.

We also talk about time travel movies and TV shows, including the 2014 movie PredestinationBill & Ted, and various Star Trek movies/TV episodes.

One thought on “Ep. 4 – Your Daughter’s First Dance

  1. Great podcast. I enjoyed hearing about John and his family. It’s nice to hear others perspectives on parenting and balancing life.

    A couple things though. Our dad didn’t choose to join the army, he was drafted into the army. Later in life, he would say that helped straighten him out. Dad’s relationship with his dad was strained, I’m sure. His dad used to drink and beat on our grandma. I’m sure that physical abuse extended to Dad and his siblings as well. That was why Dad made the decision early on not to get drunk around us kids. In fact, when he did drink, it was very limited.

    Looking forward to listening to further podcasts. 🙂


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