I Suck at Job Interviews

I went on a job interview today.

I don’t need a job. I have a job. I have two jobs. (Or 47 jobs, as one of my interviewers pointed out.) I split my time between working for myself, and as a contractor, in massage, and also real estate. And I could always be doing better at both, but I feel pretty good about how I’m doing in both right now, too.

I don’t need a new job, but I’ve always been interested in this particular company, and they posted a job opening a few weeks ago, and so I applied. A phone interview and then an initial in-person interview, and then today, I found myself meeting with the company’s area managers.



So here’s the thing: I suck at job interviews.

Yeah, I know everyone says that, either out of false modesty or being too hard on themselves.

But seriously.






I am all the bad cliches. I am nervous. I am clammy. I stutter over my words. I do not present myself well. The job interviews where I have been successful were ones where the job was already mine, more or less, because of the circumstances, and/or the person interviewing me really just liked to hear themselves talk, and all I had to do was nod and agree and offer up only an occasional observation or bit of information.

But this interview today was different. Because I don’t need the job. I was interviewing them as much as they were me. I don’t think I’m a shoe-in for the job by any means. They may reject me. But if they do, I’m okay with that.

And so, I relaxed today. I was easily conversational, and I am typically not one to be so with people I have just met, especially with people who’s job is to judge me. 

I was upfront, and said all the things I have said in this post about not needing them, but I’ve always have been interested in them, and wanted to explore my options. When I was asked the typical “where do you see yourself in 5 years” question, I answered that I wasn’t sure where I saw myself job-wise, but did see myself working in something that I loved and enjoyed, something that gives a good work-life balance.

We went on some unsuspected tangents. They asked me what I did for fun, and I talked about my Quantum Leap podcast.

I talked about Quantum Leap in a job interview. 

I have no idea if that will help or hurt me.

If it helps, that’s okay.

If it hurts, that’s okay too. 

Either way, today was a success.

I’m sure there’s a lesson in here about the key to successful interviewing is to pretend like you don’t need the job. That might be true, I guess, but I also know that’s a luxury a lot of people do not have.

But I was lucky to have it today.

Today was a good day.

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