Social Media Hygiene

I’m as bad as the next parent, if not worse, in regard to being on my phone and social media too much around my kids. Not to mention how it wreaks havoc with my ADHD and executive function. Yesterday, I decided to put some guidelines in place. This is an evolving guide.

  1. The first and last hour of the day are for my family and myself, free of social media. Email only if necessary.
  2. My time with my kids is for my kids, free of the phone. In fact, the phone is in another room entirely.
  3. Social media consumption is once a day, for one hour in the morning. 
  4. Posting on social media will be intentional and considered. No knee jerk posts, no knee jerk responses. 
  5. Remove all the push notifications from my phone and Apple Watch that I can. 

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