S2E1: What These Two Dads Think of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

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John Mick joins the podcast as a regular co-host of Season 2. In this episode, We talk about the perennial controversy over the holiday song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, and use it as a jumping off point to talk about consent – how we learned about it growing up, and how we hope to teach our kids.

The song featured in the 1949 film “Neptune’s Daughter” on YouTube:

The book Dennis mentions, “Beyond the Birds and Bees”, by Bonnie J. Rough

Ep. 4 – Your Daughter’s First Dance



I have a wide-ranging conversation with John, one of my oldest childhood friends. John has two daughters – one in middle school and one just entering high school. He shares stories about starting a family in his early-20s, and what it was like chaperoning the dance where his oldest daughter had her first dance with her first boyfriend. We talk about what we’ve learned from our parents, and how we try to be better parents for our kids.

We also talk about time travel movies and TV shows, including the 2014 movie PredestinationBill & Ted, and various Star Trek movies/TV episodes.